Dr Steven Johnson D.O.


Relevant Professional Background :

-Member (AOAPRM) American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine - Lecturer and Clinical  Instructor AOAPRM Training 2014

-Member (IOMA) Indiana Osteopathic Medical Association - Lecturer on Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stromal Cell Injections and Nutrition 2014

-Member (KOMA) Kentucky Osteopathic Association and Lecturer on Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Stromal Cell Injections and Nutrition 2012

-Board Liason -  Academy of Integrative and Holisitc Medicine (International)

-Board Physicians Association for Anthroposophic Medicine 2009-2014 Lectures on Mesotherapy, Trigger Point therapy and Musculoskeletal Medicine 2010

-Clinical Instructor European Biological-Functional Medicine 2002-2005

-Member American Osteopathic Association 

-Board Certified/ American Holistic Medical Association Certification

Chief Medical Resident, Internal Medicine - University of Massachussettes-MCCM

1993-1996 - Medical School KCOM 1989-93 


Dr. Johnson is a leading pioneer in the field of prolotherapy, PRP and fat cell matrix grafting for the Kentuckiana region having practiced and taught this method for the past 12 years.  As an Osteopathic physician he can bring his extensive knowledge of  muscoskeletal medicine to optimize your success. We also offer prolozone, serapin and ultrasound guided procedures.


Utilized by professional athletes, weekend warriors and people with difficult chronic injuries prolotherapy is a growing modality of regenerative medicine. Classic prolotherapy uses a  hypertonic glucose solution with B12 and other sclerotherapeutic agents.   Injections are made to the ligaments, tendons and joints causing the growth and strengthening of these connective tissues and reducing inflammation and  pain it while strengthening the connectve tissue. . In some cases even the cartilage surface of joints improves.


With platelet rich plasma (PRP) the growth factors of your blood are isolated after a simple blood draw and delivered in a concentrated way to the injured area repairing tendon tears, ligament tears and joint surfaces.  This has helped many people avoid or delay rotator cuff, knee, ankle, back and many other surgeries and refrain from the overuse of toxic pain medications. These techniques are very safe and much less painful then imagined and the potential to reduce pain and improve function are immense.


The period of regeneration is about 10-14 weeks and continues for many , many months and the changes are permanent in most cases. Depending on the injury significant improvement occurs over 1-4 months. Injections are 2-4 weeks apart in general and the number of injections depends upon the injury.  Usually 2-8 is common for classic prolotherapy  and 1-3 injections for  PRP.  PRP is most often used on joint spaces and larger ligaments and tendons and is fantastic for epicondylitis (tennis and golfers elbows) that won't heal.

We also offer Fat cell stromal matrix grafting which is the use of isolated fat cells(stem cells) from your body combined with PRP to regenerate cartiledge in severe degenerative joint disease.

*We can also offer "pure PRP in our clinic which is less painful and can be used to treat wrinkles and aging skin and is showing some hope for lichen plannus.

Sample of Regions and Problems Treated at Evergreen Medical Center:

Neck Injuries and Whiplash

Shoulder and Rotator Cuff

Low Back and Knee   Meniscal Tears

TMJ issues

Clavicle injures

Hip and Pelvic injuries/OA

Rib injuries

Wrist and hand injuries

Sacrum and Tailbone


Foot and Ankle injuries

Knee Injuries-All ligaments

Our Story:

Dr. Johnson is a respected international Lecturer and Clinical Instructor with extensive training, practice and teaching experience in Prolotherapy over the past ten years.  He developed the Evergreen Medical Centre to offer an Integrative approach to medicine where conventional and complimentary medical modalities could be offered side by side in a professional, caring and individualized clinical setting. Dr. Johnson is a successful recipient/patient himself of prolotherapy and PRP treatment. This inspired him to learn  this technique and bring it to the Kentuckiana region where he has done over a thousand treatments.  These treatments represent the forefront of regenerative medicine and have helped many famous athletes as well as thousands of suffering people across the country without steroids or reconstructive surgery.  This approach is “salutogenic” meaning it treats the origin and cause of a disease not just the symptoms which is why it is a privilege to offer this to patients.  

Making an Appointment:

Please call our office as above or email brief  inquiries (1/2 page max.) to trish@evergreenmedicalcentre.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   It is helpful to bring x-rays, MRI, surgical or other reports to your visit. These are not always needed for treatment can be helpful. Prolotherapy treatments are typically 2-8 sessions 2-4 weeks apart. PRP is usually 1-4 treatments over 4-12 months, and fat stromal cell treatment  1-2 sessions.. The number of sessions varies with your injury level and are guidelines only. Please visit our website for more information,video and research on prolotherapy, PRP, fat stromal cell injections/regenerative medicine at