Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics


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Epigenetic's is a rapidly emerging field which is changing our modern view of genetics. This new science reveals that our environment, how we live and what we eat can turn on and off different genetically determined pathways in our body and even how we pass some of these onto our offspring !  Through our Nutrigenomic testing program we can evaluate several of your metabolic and detoxification pathways combined with IgG food sensitivity tests to work out the best nutritional and supplement plan possible. The genetic component of this testing looks at the following gene sequences BHMT, CBS, COMT, DAO (2), MAOA, MTHFR (2), MTRR, andVDR/TAQ (more will be added in the future). Understanding your strengths and weaknesses around the metabolic pathways of methylation and detoxification we can build a profile of what foods and substances are likely to support your overall health. Supporting these sensitivities and pathways in the right way can help to improve difficult cases of migraines, chronic fatigue, hormone issues,  depression, neurological and auto-immune diseases.  Often foods and supplements build up metabolites that are not cleared by the body properly and makes us sick.   People who are often sensitive to multiple foods, drugs, vitamins and supplements benifit from this kind of testing as it tells us what you need to support your individual metbolic pathways. We expext this approach will help prevent many chronic diseases in the future. 

This process also improves how your body metabolizes hormones and vitamins and nutrients. When these metabolic pathways are supported properly (often just through better personalized nutrition) then treatment with bio-identical hormones, vitamins and nutrition can improve dramatically and in some cases become no longer necessary. This is a major breakthrough occurring in medicine and we are excited to offer this to our patients. 

This testing is not covered by insurance but has become surprisingly affordable.