Lyme Disease and Tic Born Illness



 Dr. Johnson has  attended ILADS training for Lyme disease and

co-infections and is now certified by ILADS.  Dr, Johnson worked in New

York for several years with extensive lyme experience working with many

of the original lyme specialists in the field. Lyme cases are appearing in the

Ketuckiana region and like New York many years ago it will take some time

for this to be recognized. We have a expert knowledge of combination

antibiotic therapy and pulse therapy with integrative and botanical

therapies to assist you. We also offer oxidative therapy. Our main area of

expertise is chronic lyme issues and auto-immune sequelae, diagnosis and



This is a very under treated and under recognized problem with many

complications to consider. There are also many patients who have other

related diseases and immune issues that may mimic lyme disease which

need to be addressed. Our approach is an integrative one and helpful to

many patients who suffer from this complex disease.


We offer specialized lyme and co-infection testing, immunology profiles

and genomic testing.  We have found that many patients who

suffer chronic sequalae from lyme disease have genetic issues which

predispose them to more extensive toxicity and reactivity. This can be

identified and supported by understanding an individuals methylation

pathways, elimination and neurological pathways regulated by genetic

predispositions and epigenetic changes. This is a ground breaking new

direction and which we are excited to offer and study.


*As of  September 2015 we are extending our office panel of lyme

patients do tothe growing need in our region.