Lab Testing

At the clinic we offer disounted lab fee's from Labcorp for pt's with high deductibles or no insurance including allergy panels, thyroid panels, and individualized health screenings. We can duplicate most Life Extension testing panels and costs are discounted significantly similar to Life Extensions or "Any Lab Now".We specialize in preventative testing and healthcare.  Our labs are interpreted by clinicains who have years of training to do this correctly and accurately and combine this understanding with a "holistic and functional" eye.  Many inaccurate interpretations are performed by undertrained practitioners.

We also offer the following specialized labs: ZRT saliva and blood spot hormone tests, Genova nutritional evaluations, epigenetic/methylation testing by Younique genomics and XRMD (see video section),  GI panels for bowel flora, leaky gut, parasites and candida, Urine hormone analysis, IgG-E Food sensitivity tests, Cerex specialized metabolic labs, Corus coronary artery disease blood test: Heart Disease Screening Berkely Heart labs (Genetic), Heavy Metals testing (hair and urine challenge testing), Iodine and selenium testing, Specialized Lyme and Tic Bourne dz Tests, Clifford Compatibility tests (tests sensitivity to dental materials), EKG and Holter Monitoring, musculoskeletal ultrasound.