Gaby’s/Meyers I.V. with minerals, amino acids or extra magnesium is a common vitamin mixture with minerals we have used for patients with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, depression symptoms and mal-absorption syndromes where the body is not absorbing nutrients well. A classic example is irritable bowel and inflammatory bowel patients (Colitis etc). These I.V.’s can be give several times a week for acute conditions and weekly to monthly for chronic conditions or prevention. Adding magnesium in higher amounts can assist with acute migraine headaches. The I.V. lasts about 1/2 hour or less. e can add additional magnesium for migraines and fibromyalgia symptoms and often amino acids as well. This is often followed by a glutathione I.V. for chronic diseases and detoxification support.

Vitamin C Therapy is getting increasing attention.. Many of our patients have seen benefits for zoster, flu prevention and treatment of various infections. Often we give this once a month during the winter months mixed with the Gaby’s I.V./Myers cocktail above. Others take this at the onset of an acute illness to get through it faster. This treatment is used to support symptoms of cancer (not FDA approved), chronic viral infections like shingles, hepatitis C, Epstein Barr/Chronic fatigue. Higher doses of vitamin C are used to detoxify the body and to promote immune support in cancer and other chronic diseases. High dose vitamin C is considered an alternative and experimental intervention again not FDA approved for any specific ailment. Google the university of Kansas for recent research on intravenous vitamin C and cancer.

I.V. Chelation is a therapy that uses EDTA chelation, vitamins and minerals to remove heavy metals from the body and many studies suggest improved blood circulation. Combined with a good health plan we have had good results with this therapy for improving symptoms of cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, carotid artery stenosis and some neurological conditions as well as severe arthritic conditions (not FDA approved for these conditions). This therapy can be considered for diabetics and those at high risk for cardiovascular disease by history. Patients exposed to chemicals and metal toxins also benefit form this therapy. Considering the high incidence of cardiovascular disease and toxin exposure in our modern environment many of our patients successfully use chelation as part of their anti-aging and prevention protocol. This is also considered experimental by most physicians although there is a tremendous amount of research to support this therapy. This modality is offered as a 1 1/2 hour and 3 hour therapy.  Plaquex a phospholipid therapay is often rotated with this treatment.

Glutathione therapy is a natural antioxidant in our bodies. We have used this for detoxification, anti-oxidation, dermatological and neurological support. This has helped us improve numerous chronic conditions. We have used this in cases of drug reactions (ciprofloxacin), Parkinson's dz., memory problems, neuron-degenerative disorders and chronic fatigue. This is sometimes combined with a fatty acid called Lipostable as part of the PK protocol which you can look up online. Also, see article on glutathione for a better understanding of this extremely useful therapy.

We also offer ultra violet light therapy to treat chronic infections of the blood and difficult to treat auto-immune conditions related to infection. This treatment has helped a wide variety of chronic and acute disease related to infection.

Oxidative therapies are offered for specific conditions helped by oxidative therapy. Chronic infections. Auto-immune symptoms, degenerative joint and disc problems as well as myofascial pain and shingles have benefitted from this treatment. UV light is also available for similar conditions as a specialized combined treatment. Again, U.V.  light and oxidativetherapies are not FDA approved to treat any specific medical condition and are considered experimental and not a first line therapy. Great stides are being made in the dental field with this therapy.

Several of these treatments can be combined or used in succession to enhance the symptomatic response to difficult problems.