Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

SLIT therapy represents a breakthrough in allergy treatment. Environmental and food allergies are increasingly treated now with oral drops under the tongue without the use of daily injections and frequent office visits. Working via the LaCrosse method we can test you for environmental and/or food IgE allergies in this new, simple and convenient method.  The LaCrosse Clinic has been the leader in the field of SLIT therapy for the last decade and we completed the training course in this method. 

This approach is becoming the mainstay in many European countries and John Hopkins Medical doctors are having very successful results over the past few years. Please find articles on this subject in the articles section of our website. Numerous published studies verify the successful treatment of allergy symptoms. 

Environmental and food allergies can cause much more then sinus symptoms.  Asthma. Fatigue, weight gain, migraines, abdominal pain, auto-immune imbalances, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ADHD, insomnia, sleep apnea, environmental sensitivities are just some of the conditions that can be influenced by chronic allergies. Often when "key" allergens are addressed then other allergies subside and healing of other medical problems and sensitivities can proceed more easily. 

Our office can work with the LaCrosse pharmacy to titrate your drops and put together the best therapy plan possible for you.  Using our integrative Medicine expertise we can look at how nutrition, thyroid function, hormone function and other stresses are interacting within your immune system. Using diet , functional medicine, environmental strategies  and homeopathy we can further improve your responses to SLIT therapy. 

No two patient’s allergic issues are identical — what could be a nuisance for one could be life-threatening for another. Likewise, treatment should reflect individual patient needs. A hallmark of the La Crosse Method Protocol is its ability to meet those individual needs. A combination of one or more La Crosse Method sublingual immunotherapy protocols may be offered to patients based on patient history, symptoms and the number and severity of allergies. Treatment options include:

Inhalant Allergy Treatment

Food Allergy Treatment

Preseasonal Allergy Treatment

When considering the appropriate protocol, special consideration should be given to what will ensure the highest level of safety for the patient given his or her history, exam and allergy testing results, i.e. what will offer the maximum benefits with minimal risk. Based on clinical evidence and current scientific research, optimal dosing levels are based on what is therapeutically effective for each individual patient and adjusted accordingly throughout the treatment course.

Because our dose escalation is supported by retesting and monitoring patient response; it minimizes risks of unnecessarily high doses without incremental benefit or adverse events, while simultaneously avoiding a dosing scenario that becomes cost-prohibitive for patients.

Sometimes a portion of allegy treatment is covered by insurance but sub-lingual drops are not.  The cost is usually less then expected and less frequent dcotors visits are needed.