Dr. Johnson D.O. has 17 years  of experience working with ADD, ADHD.  Aspergers and related brain disorders and will accept a limited number of patients for consultation.  He has been a consultant for several remedial programs and has lectured frequently on the topic of sensory integration and early childhood education.  He can employ an in depth knowledge of nutritional, cranio- sacral/osteopathic anthroposophic/homeopathic, holistic and botanical therapies as well as extensive functional  and nutritional testing. These includw food sensitivities, organic acids. methylation and functional gastrointestinal evaluations if necessary. Our nurse practioner Tanya Geraci can also see children for primary care issues as needed.

Dr. Johnson also does osteopathic manipulation and cranial sacral therapy for  musculoskeletal problems which can also be related to many health issues as well. This concept is known as somatic dysfunction which teaches that via the nervous system internal health problems are often reflected in the musculoskeletal system and vice versa.