Primary Care


At the Evergreen Medical Centre our doctors and nurse pratitioners can serve most primary care needs from simple colds  and urgent care problems to chronic internal medicine problems and cancer support.   We can use conventional medicine, botanicals, nutraceuticals, nutritional IV's, bio-identicle hormones, anthroposophic homeopathy, epigentic target therapies and the most experienced prolotherapy and PRP practice in the region.   We can offer the best of both worlds offering state of the art conventional medicine extended with evidence based integrative medicine and safe traditional holistic care. 

We have Lab Corp in our office and can also do many wellness and preventative medicine screenings at significant discounts if you have a high deductible. We can offer most labs including  hormone and specialty panels at costs similar to "Life Extensions" or Any Lab now.  We refer to both medical specialists in conventional and academic medicine and some of the best trianed holistic practitioners (massage, accupuncture,  counseling, EMDR, myofascial release, craniial, OT, PT, and more) in our region.  It is our goal to honor the whole of good medicine and the whole person as much as possible. 

We ourselves also offer many areas of sub- specialty such as sub-lingual allergy treatments, bio-identicle hormone and adaptogen therapy, Osteopathic medicine, prolotherapy and PRP, Food sensitivity testing, genetic methylation studies, nutragenomics, functional gut analysis as welll as the the most up to date functional medicine evaluations,.

We are also the most experienced practice in Intravenous nutrtional therapies in the Ketuckiana region.  We have many nutrtional protocols for difficilt problems including Vitamin C, glutathione, chelation, amino acids, Myers and Gaby's and some oxidative treatments.

Our practice offers a unique integration of medical care which we hope can be a model for medicine in the future. While it may seem like a lot to offer,  we do this because getting to the root of many chronic problems requires an understanding of how the whole body works together and a broad range of expertise. We have been practicing integrative medicine long before it was known and popular. We have been pioneers in this field and are serious about our medicine without offering gimmicks or unsafe mega - dosing of unproven remedies or hormones. The safety and health of our patients always comes first.     

Dr. Johnson D.O.