The Myers - Gaby's Intravenous Protocol's

Some people have poor absorbtion of nutrients or don't metabolize them well.  When given by an  intravenous method  nutrients are absorbed directly into the blood stream at a much higher level then possible by the oral route and most importantly leads to a much higher intra-celluar absorbtion and metabolism of these vitamins and trace minerals. 

The nutrients in “the Myers” are a high concentration and combination of nutrients useful in the treatment of many health symtoms. The standard Myers cocktail entails: magnesium, calcium, B12, B6, B5, B complex and vitamin C and we usually add trace minerals. Amino Acids can also be added for cases of malabsorption and IBD. Extra magnesium or magnesium alone can assist with migraine, muslcle pain and pain symptoms.

The Myers cocktail can have a benificial effect on the following symptoms: migraine headaches, fatigue (including chronic fatigue), allergies, detoxification (especially with glutathione added), ac, fibromyalgia, wheezing, infections (we also add higher doese of vitamin c for more acute or or difficult infection symptoms, depression, anziety, mood swings, malabsorption (also with colitis and chohn's dz.) and low vitality.

Other facts about Myers you might want to know:

  • The combination of ingredients can be individualized to meet specific health needs.
  • This IV takes 20 - 30 minutes in moist cases
  • Usually it is administered 1-2 times weekly to 1X per month depending on goals and effects.
  • Glutathione can be added to protocol to improve detoxification.
  • Magnesim Sulfate can be added for chronic migraines and muscle pain
  • Amino Acids can be added for IBD, Chron's, malabsorbtion nutritional deficiencies etc

In conclusion, the Myers Cocktail offers significant benefits for various symptoms. It is considered a safe and effective treatment with very few side effects becasue the ingedients are natural to your body. It is possible to have a sensitivity or allergy but these are very rare.

*Please note the FDA has not approved the myers cocktail or any nutrient therapy for that matter for any specific diseases.

Please call for any other information or if you have any questions regarding the treatment to our office at 812-282-4309.

Reference: Gaby MD, Alan R,”Intravenous Nutrient therapy: the “Myers’Cocktail”, Alternative Medicine Review (2002): Volume 7, number 5: 389‐404.