Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland plays many sensitive roles in the balance of our health. It regulates metabolism along with our adrenal glands and other metabolic processes and is often overlooked as a contributor to the development of chronic diseases of metabolism.  Thyroid hormones also need to be in balance with our sex hormones, insulin levels and psychological health. Dr. Johnson has had experience addressing thyroid and hormone imbalances as a physician for over 20 years long before it became a popular part of functional medicine and can offer the benefits of this experience to our patients based on a well-rounded holistic and scientific understanding.  In our experience most patients rarely present in the way a textbook would suggest.

Many things can contribute to a functional imbalance of our thyroid which will not show up immediately on common test panels. At the Evergreen Centre we will look at other markers such as reverse T3, free T3, anti- bodies, ferritin, insulin, adrenal and other hormones and nutrient deficiencies that can inhibit the conversion of active thyroid hormone and utilization. Iodine is an important element in thyroid health but not the only player. To little or too much iodine can inhibit and cause imbalance in your thyroid axis which is often misunderstood these days in functional medicine.

Having a healthy thyroid balance has also been linked to allergies and auto-immune and neuro-psychiatric problems making thyroid health a foundational element in many chronic health problems.

We have experience utilizing many types of synthetic and natural thyroid combinations, adaptogens, nutrients and evidence based botanicals. We often look at thyroid issues in light of other hormone or functional metabolic imbalances to find the deeper causes of chronic health problems.

In our practice we can offer blood hormone, finger stick, saliva and urine hormone panels based on the complexity and financial situation of the patient. Through LabCorp we also can also offer large discounts on test panels for those with no insurance or high deductibles.

Dr. Steven M Johnson D.O.