Adrenal Glands

Our Adrenal glands are a key part of our stress management and energy

systems. They can be both "over" or "under" active.  This is best

determined by a careful history of your symptoms and simple blood, saliva

or urine tests. If overtaxed by the stresses of modern life, poor sleep,

neurochemical, hormone and other imbalances, our adrenal glands can

become the basis of chronic fatigue. When in balance we feel more vital

and have reserves of energy to deal with the stressors of modern life. In

severe cases problems like "cushings" or "addissons" disease might be



The adrenal glands are also closely linked to our thyroid glands. We often

call the thyroid gland the "thermostat" and the glands the "furnace".  This

fact is often misunderstiood. The thyroid and adrenal glands need to be

looked at together.


Sex hormones, neurochemical balance, nutrition, auto-immune and

detoxification issues are other stressors that sometimes need to be

considered as well. Finding the right balance through testing and making

the right lifestyle and personal changes towards health are key to our

approach in helping you to achieve adrenal hormone balance.


Adrenal support can take the form of adrenal cortex supplements,

botanicals, nutrition, methylation support, stress reduction, sleep therapy,

neurochemical balance, exercise and improvement of other chronic health